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Core functionality and types for BonsaiDb.


  • pub use actionable;
  • pub use arc_bytes;
  • pub use async_trait;
  • pub use circulate;
  • pub use num_traits;
  • pub use ordered_varint;
  • pub use transmog;
  • pub use transmog_pot;


  • Database administration types and functionality.
  • Traits for tailoring a server.
  • Types for interacting with BonsaiDb.
  • Types for interacting with Documents.
  • Key trait and related types.
  • Types for utilizing a lightweight atomic Key-Value store.
  • Limits used within BonsaiDb.
  • Types for implementing the BonsaiDb network protocol.
  • Types for creating and validating permissions.
  • Types for Publish/Subscribe (PubSub) messaging.
  • Types for defining database schema.
  • Shared schemas and utilities used for unit testing.
  • Types for executing transactions.



  • an enumeration of errors that this crate can produce