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Limits used within BonsaiDb.

Unless otherwise noted, all size limits will be affected by compression, if enabled.

Transaction Limits

The serialized summary of Changes of a transaction must be less than 16 megabytes. This limit comes from Nebari’s transaction log entry size limit.

When querying previously executed transactions using Connection::list_executed_transactions(), the result set will be limited to LIST_TRANSACTIONS_MAX_RESULTS entries.

Document Limits

Primary Key Limits

DocumentId::MAX_LENGTH is the maximum number of bytes a document ID can contain when in its serialized form. This is currently 64 kilobytes of data.

Size Limits

Each document can be up to 4 gigabytes in size (4,294,967,296 bytes). However, care should be used when storing large documents, as the only way to load a document is for its entire data to be read from disk into memory. Storing large documents can lead to higher memory usage than you might anticipate.

Many NoSQL databases enforce document size limits at 16 megabytes or smaller, which encourages usage patterns that require less RAM. While BonsaiDb doesn’t have as restrictive of a limit, users should consider approaches that keep document sizes smaller if RAM is a constraint.

View Limits

The serialized representation of the Key type must be less than 64 kilobytes (65,536 bytes). It should be noted that using large keys will slow the view’s performance. This is one reason why document IDs enforce a smaller size limit. By not enforcing as restrictive of a limit on views, more complex indexes can be built such as allowing tuples of strings of arbitrary length.

The serialized representation of all mappings emitted for a single Key must be less than 4 gigabytes in size.