Trait bonsaidb::core::schema::Qualified[][src]

pub trait Qualified: Display {
    fn new<A, N>(authority: A, name: N) -> Self
        A: Into<Authority>,
        N: Into<Name>
; fn private<N>(name: N) -> Self
        N: Into<Name>
, { ... }
fn parse_encoded(schema_name: &str) -> Result<Self, InvalidNameError> { ... }
fn encoded(&self) -> String { ... } }
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Functions for creating qualified names

Required methods

Creates a new qualified name.

Provided methods

Creates a name that is not meant to be shared with other developers or projects.

Parses a schema name that was previously encoded via Self::encoded().


Returns InvalidNameError if the name contains invalid escape sequences or contains more than two periods.

Encodes this schema name such that the authority and name can be safely parsed using Self::parse_encoded.