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BonsaiDb’s networked database implementation.

This crate implements BonsaiDb’s networked database implementation. The Server and CustomServer<Backend> types provide their most common functionality by implementing the StorageConnection.

This crate supports two methods for exposing a BonsaiDb server: QUIC and WebSockets.

QUIC is a new protocol built atop UDP. It is designed to operate more reliably than TCP, and features TLS built-in at the protocol level. WebSockets are an established protocol built atop TCP and HTTP.

Our user’s guide has a section covering setting up and accessing a BonsaiDb server.

Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV)

While this project is alpha, we are actively adopting the current version of Rust. The current minimum version is 1.58, and we plan on updating the MSRV to implement namespaced Features as soon as the feature is released.


pub use fabruic;


Types for defining API handlers.
Command-line interface for the server.


The Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME) configuration.
A connected database client.
A BonsaiDb server.
A locked reference to associated client data.
A connected network peer.
Configuration options for Server
A database belonging to a CustomServer.


An error that can occur inside of a Backend function.
Controls how a server should handle a connection.
The default permissions to use for all connections to the server.
An error occurred while interacting with a Server.
A Backend with no custom functionality.
TCP ApplicationProtocols that BonsaiDb has some knowledge of.
The ways a client can be connected to the server.


URI of prod Directory. Certificates aquired from this are trusted by most Browsers.


A collection of supported protocols for a network service.
Tailors the behavior of a server to your needs.
A service that can handle incoming HTTP connections. A convenience implementation of TcpService that is useful is you are only serving HTTP and WebSockets over a service.
A service that can handle incoming TCP connections.

Type Definitions

A BonsaiDb server without a custom backend.