pub trait Builder: Default {
Show 14 methods fn with_schema<S: Schema>(self) -> Result<Self, Error>; fn memory_only(self) -> Self; fn path<P: AsRef<Path>>(self, path: P) -> Self; fn unique_id(self, unique_id: u64) -> Self; fn vault_key_storage<VaultKeyStorage: AnyVaultKeyStorage>(
        key_storage: VaultKeyStorage
    ) -> Self; fn default_encryption_key(self, key: KeyId) -> Self; fn tasks_worker_count(self, worker_count: usize) -> Self; fn tasks_parallelization(self, parallelization: usize) -> Self; fn check_view_integrity_on_open(self, check: bool) -> Self; fn default_compression(self, compression: Compression) -> Self; fn key_value_persistence(self, persistence: KeyValuePersistence) -> Self; fn authenticated_permissions<P: Into<Permissions>>(
        authenticated_permissions: P
    ) -> Self; fn argon(self, argon: ArgonConfiguration) -> Self; fn new<P: AsRef<Path>>(path: P) -> Self { ... }
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Storage configuration builder methods.

Required Methods§

Registers the schema and returns self.

Sets StorageConfiguration::path to true and returns self.

Sets StorageConfiguration::path to path and returns self.

Sets StorageConfiguration::unique_id to unique_id and returns self.

Sets StorageConfiguration::vault_key_storage to key_storage and returns self.

Sets StorageConfiguration::default_encryption_key to path and returns self.

Sets Tasks::worker_count to worker_count and returns self.

Sets Tasks::parallelization to parallelization and returns self.

Sets Views::check_integrity_on_open to check and returns self.

Sets StorageConfiguration::default_compression to path and returns self.

Sets StorageConfiguration::key_value_persistence to persistence and returns self.

Sets Self::authenticated_permissions to authenticated_permissions and returns self.

Sets StorageConfiguration::argon to argon and returns self.

Provided Methods§

Creates a default configuration with path set.