pub trait Serialized: Send + Sync + Debug {
    fn collection(&self) -> CollectionName;
    fn key_description(&self) -> KeyDescription;
    fn unique(&self) -> bool;
    fn lazy(&self) -> bool;
    fn version(&self) -> u64;
    fn view_name(&self) -> ViewName;
    fn map(
        document: &BorrowedDocument<'_>
    ) -> Result<Vec<Serialized>, Error>; fn reduce(
        mappings: &[(&[u8], &[u8])],
        rereduce: bool
    ) -> Result<Vec<u8>, Error>; fn eager(&self) -> bool { ... } }
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Wraps a View with serialization to erase the associated types

Required Methods§

Returns the description of the view’s Key.

Provided Methods§

Returns true if this view should be eagerly updated during document updates.