Module bonsaidb::core::permissions[][src]

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Types for creating and validating permissions.


Types used for granting permissions within BonsaiDb.


A unique name of an action.

An action was denied.

A collection of allowed permissions. This is constructed from a Vec<Statement>. By default, no actions are allowed on any resources.

A unique name/identifier of a resource.

A statement of permissions. A statement describes whether one or more actions should be allowed to be taken against resources.


A single element of a ResourceName


An action that can be allowed or disallowed.

Dispatches T to an appropriate handler. This trait is derivable.

Derive Macros

Derives the actionable::Action trait.

Derives a set of traits that can be used to implement a permissions-driven API. There are options that can be customized with the #[actionable] attribute at the enum level:

Derives the Dispatcher trait.