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Types for implementing the BonsaiDb network protocol.


Alter’s a user’s membership in a permission group.

Alter’s a user’s role

Applies a transaction.

Assume an identity.

Authenticate as a user.

Compacts the entire database.

Compacts the collection.

Compacts the key-value store.

Counts the number of documents in the specified range.

Creates a database.

Creates a PubSub Subscriber

Creates a user.

Deletes the database named name

Deletes the associated documents resulting from the view query.

Deletes a user.

Excutes a key-value store operation.

Retrieve a single document.

Retrieve multiple documents.

Queries the last transaction id.

Retrieve multiple documents.

Lists available schemas.

Lists all databases.

Lists executed transactions.

Retrieve multiple document headers.

Logs out from a session.

A PubSub message was received.

A payload with an associated id.

Publishes payload to all subscribers of topic.

Publishes payload to all subscribers of all topics.

Queries a view.

Queries a view with the associated documents.

Reduces a view.

Reduces a view, grouping the reduced values by key.

Set’s a user’s password.

Subscribes subscriber_id to messages for topic.

Unregisters the subscriber.

Unsubscribes subscriber_id from messages for topic.


A networking error.


The current protocol version.