Module bonsaidb::client::fabruic::error[]

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Error for this crate.


Attempting to close something that is already closed.

Error during construction of Endpoint with Builder::build.

Failed to verify the certificate chain with CertificateChain::from_certificates.

Error receiving stream from peer with Stream on from Connection.

Failed to parse the given private key with PrivateKey::from_der.

The error type for errors that get returned in the crate


Configuration error.

Error connecting to a server with Endpoint::connect.

Errors in the parameters being used to create a new connection

Error completing connection with peer with Incoming::type or Incoming::accept.

Reasons why a connection might be lost

The Err enum indicates the parser was not successful

An error that occurs during certificate validation or name validation.

The kind of error that can be produced during a serialization or deserialization.

Error receiving type information from Incoming stream.

Error aquiring or parsing root certs from OS.

Errors that can occur during parsing.

Errors that arise from reading from a stream.

Error receiving a message from a Receiver.

Error sending a message to a Sender.

Error opening a new stream to peer with Connection::open_stream.

Errors that arise from writing to a stream

An error that can occur while parsing or validating a certificate.