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Networked client for bonsaidb-server.

This crate supports two methods for accessing a BonsaiDb server: QUIC and WebSockets.

QUIC is a new protocol built atop UDP. It is designed to operate more reliably than TCP, and features TLS built-in at the protocol level. WebSockets are an established protocol built atop TCP and HTTP.

Client provides access to BonsaiDb by implementing the StorageConnection trait.

Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV)

While this project is alpha, we are actively adopting the current version of Rust. The current minimum version is 1.58, and we plan on updating the MSRV to implement namespaced Features as soon as the feature is released.

WASM Support

This crate supports compiling to WebAssembly. When using WebAssembly, the only protocol available is WebSockets.

Testing Websockets in a Browser

We have a fully deployed example application available that can be downloaded and run locally. This example is confirmed to work using Firefox on a local machine, or any modern browser when accessing

  • Ensure that the browser is able to talk to the IP/port that you’re bound to. Browsers try to prevent malicious scripts. You may need to bind instead of localhost, for example, to circumvent these protections.
  • All Chrome-based browsers require secure websockets over localhost. This makes Chrome not a great candidate for testing WASM applications locally, as installing a valid certificate in a test/dev environment can be tricky and/or annoying.



rust-url is an implementation of the URL Standard for the Rust programming language.


A callback that is invoked when an Api::Response value is received out-of-band (not in reply to a request).

Builds a new Client with custom settings.

Client for connecting to a BonsaiDb server.

A database on a remote server.

A PubSub subscriber from a remote server.


An error returned from an api request.

Errors related to working with Client