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BonsaiDb’s networked database implementation.

This crate implements BonsaiDb’s networked database implementation. The Server and CustomServer<Backend> types provide their most common functionality by implementing the StorageConnection.

This crate supports two methods for exposing a BonsaiDb server: QUIC and WebSockets.

QUIC is a new protocol built atop UDP. It is designed to operate more reliably than TCP, and features TLS built-in at the protocol level. WebSockets are an established protocol built atop TCP and HTTP.

Our user’s guide has a section covering setting up and accessing a BonsaiDb server.

Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV)

While this project is alpha, we are actively adopting the current version of Rust. The current minimum version is 1.64.






  • A collection of supported protocols for a network service.
  • Tailors the behavior of a server to your needs.
  • A service that can handle incoming HTTP connections. A convenience implementation of TcpService that is useful is you are only serving HTTP and WebSockets over a service.
  • A service that can handle incoming TCP connections.

Type Definitions

  • A BonsaiDb server without a custom backend.